Dota 2 artwork showing off the 10th anniversary items

[Update #2]: Dota 2's Patch 7.34c has arrived to fix some of the recent balance mishaps.

[Update]: Dota 2's final Summer update has enhanced the visuals and massively improved the report system.

In order to celebrate Dota 2's upcoming 10th anniversary, Valve has now released a commemorative treasure chest containing a variety of unique cosmetics items from Dota 2's history. And since this is the 10th anniversary we're talking about, naturally there are thirteen items up for grabs!

The list includes the 'controversial' cowboy Ursa set that was deemed too silly for the game back in the day, Earthshaker's awesome Bindings of Deep Magma set, a recolor of Void Spirit's 2019 Immortal set, and even the anime-themed Mirana persona. If you want to play Dota 2 on hard mode, there's also a really distracting CRT filter to mess around with.

So how do you get all of this? Thankfully, it's quite easy! All you need to do is win thirteen games between now and September 7th, with each win giving you one of the aforementioned items. There's no limit to how many games you can play per day either, so if you're particularly inclined you could even collect all of them in a single day. You'll probably go insane in the process, but at least you'll have Gabe Newell's soothing voicelines to support you along the way.

As for whether this is the previously teased anniversary update or if Valve is still planning to release something in September, I'm afraid I have no idea. I certainly hope they do as another Aghanim's Labyrinth style game mode would be a ton of fun and a welcome diversion from the ultra competitive nature of standard matches.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once the Dota 2 team announces anything major. Until then, have fun collecting all of the new stuff!