Demons from the modern Doom game

Bethesda and id promised a variety of free (and paid) updates when Doom first launched, and now a month later they are getting ready to deliver on just that promise. You can expect to see two new free maps appear during the next month, numerous additions to Doom's SnapMap creation tool, and also a fully fledged "paid DLC pack" that comes with a couple of maps, a few more toys to play around with, and a big ol' demon.

If you're looking for information straight out of the horses mouth, the horse in this case being the Executive Producer Marty Stratton, then I welcome you to check out the video below. On the other hand, if you're as lazy as I am and just want the short version, I got you covered:


The free multiplayer update will bring with it two new maps, and coincidentally two new game modes as well. Exodus is going to be a Doom styled variant on the classic capture the flag game mode, while Sector will give you a chance to roam around a multizone capture-and-hold map.

As for the paid update, "Unto the Evil" will bring with it three new multiplayer maps (Offering, Cataclysm, and Ritual), as well as new player-controlled demon, the Harvester you might remember from the campaign. The Doom marine himself will also get a couple of new trinkets to play around with, by which I mean a new pistol, an equippable Kinetic Mine, a bunch of new hack modules, and finally, a whole array of new cosmetics, colors, and taunts. All of this will set you back $15/€15, with the Season Pass as a whole being $40/€40.

Finally, the Doom creation toolkit (SnapMap) will be getting free updates throughout the next few months, though these aren't as set in stone as the other two. Here are some of the more important changes that will be making their way to SnapMap in the not so distant future:

New construction modules, including Hell visual themes

New props, weapons and items

New logic options

New functionality, like the campaign’s popular weapon wheel, that will help creators build deeper single-player experiences

Enhanced ways to easily find and play new content in the SnapMap hub