Doom's progression and customization systems have been detailed

With Doom's open beta nearly upon us (April 15), it is prime time to learn a bit more about the progression and customization options we'll be able to toy around with.

The most important thing to note here is that you will not be gaining power as you level up, but rather cosmetic features and consumable items with which you can add a bit of flavor to the constant bloodshed. Here's the brief trailer, and my short overview of what's to come:


As you obliterate your enemies, complete objectives, and otherwise behave as a productive member of the team, you will gain experience which will go towards your overall account level. As you progress across the 50 available levels you will unlock new color patterns, armor pieces, taunts, decals, weapon skins, and various other customization options that will allow you to make your marine the most ridiculous awesome guy around. And if earning 50 levels is simply not enough for you, the moment you reach level 50 you will be downgraded to level 1 (but still keep all of your gear) and being the progression anew, this time around with some exclusive skins available to those that prestige over, and over again.

There are nearly 300 pieces of armor falling into five distinct themes, over 90 primary and secondary paint colors, and over 50 paint patterns to chose from, so when it comes to general customization it seems that Doom has it all figured out. And for those among you that want to throw caution, and good taste to the wind, there is a randomize button available, so you can keep pressing it until your marine looks like it crawled straight out of the deepest pit of hell... and then fell directly in to a bucket of glitter.

Doom's customization system allows for some funky costumes

Its certainly... something

Next up are the Hack Modules, simple consumable items that give you a minor benefit when used after one of your deaths in a match. The ones shown so far can give you the ability to briefly see enemy health, reveal the location of recently wounded enemies, temporarily grant infinite ammo to your weapons, visually display the remaining time before a nearby pickup respawns, and so forth. While your internal alarm might be currently blaring "pay-2-win", the Hack Modules will be a common drop after successfully completing a match, and most importantly, they don't seem to be purchasable in any way.

Besides Hack Modules, you can also bring one piece of equipment with you in to a match. These items can range from standard frag grenades, to grenades that shred armor and stealth health, personal shield walls, and various other nifty  tools that you can employ at least once per life, possibly even more than that if you manage to survive during its cooldown period.

Doom allows you to taunt, but be careful where you do it

Little known fact, demons hate show-offs

The final feature is the taunt system that comes with stunning 125 unique ways of showing off exactly how childish you are, right before getting your head popped straight off because you stood still for too long.

Doom will be officially releasing on May 13, and if you're in need of a trial period before that, the open multiplayer beta starts on today, April 15.