Doom's classic weapon placement

While the modern Doom is by all accounts an excellent game and a faithful homage to the FPS classic, I always found it to be lacking a certain... something. I mean, how can you actually get immersed into an FPS game, especially one modeled after the old-school Doom, if you aren't playing an inhuman abomination whose gun hand somehow sprouts straight from their head!

Thankfully, Doom's latest update has now corrected this problem by adding an option for classic Doom weapon placement/view model, so if you ever wanted an authentic Doom experience, well now you have it! Along with this groundbreaking addition, the update has also brought with it a new Photo mode, as well as a whole slew of balance changes.

If you're interested in reading about all of the re-balancing and the various bugfixes that have recently made their way to Doom, you can find the full patch notes all neatly listed out on the Bethesda Blog.

As for me, I now only await an update that replaces the health bar with Doomguy's constantly grimacing face, because as we all know, the size of your frown is the best indicator of one's well-being. Speaking of which, here's how all of them looked like back in the original Doom:

All of the faces from the original Doom