Doom's Unto The Evil Harvester demon

Doom's first premium multiplayer DLC "Unto The Evil" has arrived today with three new maps (Cataclysm, Offering, and Ritual), a new weapon in the form of the UAC EMG Pistol (very similar to the peashooter you start the campaign with), as well as a new piece of equipment, the Kinetic Mine. Also, if you enjoy dressing up your Doom Marine in ridiculous outfits and color patterns, you'll be glad to hear that there's a whole bunch of new cosmetic additions here as well.

Rather than simply talk about all these new features, here's the release trailer that goes over every single one in brief, hopefully giving you an idea if Unto The Evil is something you would enjoy or not:


While I haven't tried it out personally, mostly because I don't enjoy Doom's multiplayer mode, the general consensus is that this is a pretty damn good piece of DLC with one glaring flaw... its too expensive. Without any discounts or promotions, Doom's Unto The Evil DLC will set you back €15/$15 on Steam. On the positive side, the three new maps are by far the best ones out of the entire bunch, so if you truly enjoy Doom's multiplayer, it might just be worth your time and money.

Doom's Unto The Evil cosmetics

A few of the new cosmetics