Original Doom guy armor

In a bit of a surprise update Bethesda and id have made all of Doom's multiplayer DLC and weapons available for free! I'm still not a big fan of Doom's multiplayer, but even I must admit there is now a rather impressive amount of content to be explored, and all of it is in addition to the downright excellent singleplayer campaign.

Besides all of the free DLC, Update 6.66 has also revamped the multiplayer progression system to remove randomness and promote in-game challenges. In other words, instead of hoping the gods of randomness will give you the unlock you seek, items are now obtained through either specific level requirements or in-game challenges that can be completed at any time. For example, if there's a specific helmet you need to complete your awesome armor set, you now have the ability to get it directly as long as you're willing to focus your playstyle on whatever the challenge requires. Its a simple system, but it should be an effective one.

Given how massive all of these changes are I'm afraid that your progression and experience had to be reset, so whether you're a veteran or a new player you'll be starting from the same position. If you're interested in all of the details, including the balance changes and bug fixes, you should head over to the Bethesda blog. And finally, here's a brief video highlight some of the most important changes: