Doom Eternal official artwork and logo

[Update]: Doom Eternal has now been released, and I'm happy to say the reviews so far are pretty darn good.

After the massive success of Doom 2016, it's going to be up to Doom Eternal this March 20th to push the demon-crushing action even further. Expect to see bigger and more interesting levels, an assortment of new enemies and weapons to toy around with, and naturally, even more glorious metal music.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in action, wonder no more as the developers have just unleashed an awesome launch trailer with a bit of an unexpected guest from the previous Doom games. Have a gander:

On a somewhat unrelated note, it's also worth mentioning that Bethesda has now detailed the PC system requirements and recommendations. They have done an excellent job highlighting just what kind of rig you'll need to hit each performance tier, so if you're worried about whether you PC will even be able to run Doom Eternal, it's well worth checking out.

As for Doom Eternal itself, you can learn more about it, as well as follow any future developer updates, over at the official website.