Don't Starve Together official artwork

Out of all the games that feature a 'survival' theme, Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are some of the finest examples of the genre... even though they're basically the same game. There's plenty of things to do, numerous mysteries to uncover, and unlike a lot of survival games you actually have to worry about more than just finding the nearest shack with a gun in it!

And if that just isn't enough content, you'll be glad to hear that Don't Starve Together has recently been updated with a whole bunch more. There's new items to collect, a new world event to puzzle out, major improvements to the world map (including the ability to mark locations and track other players), as well as a bunch of balance changes. If you'd like to learn more about this update, here's the recently posted teaser trailer, as well as the full patch notes:

Key Features: 

New Items: Charlie's handiwork is scattered throughout the world, ready for you to explore!

New World Event: Discover the power of the Moon Caller’s Staff, obtained through dark and magical means.   

Major map improvements: Many new improvements to the map. Including several new items that can be crafted to globally mark items or reveal an area on the minimap for everyone to see. 

Find your friends: Craft a compass and never lose a friend again!

Disease Changes: Crop disease is now rare and unpredictable, but there are warning signs that players can look out for before a plant becomes diseased. 

And more: Balance changes, bug fixes, items and goodies and more! 

Change List:  

Minimap data is now stored on the server.

Minimap rendering performance improvements.

Added new Minimap icons for tree stumps and burnt trees.

Added new Minimap icons for Gold and Moonrock Boulders.

Players can now locate each other on the Minimap if they both have a Compass equipped.

Added several new magical items that can be crafted to globally mark a spot or reveal an area on the Minimap for everyone.

Improved animations and effects for diseasing.

Disease will now only target individual transplanted Saplings, Grass, and Berry Bushes, and spread slowly to nearby plants unless removed or destroyed.

Disease is now rare and unpredictable, but there are warning signs that players can look out for before plants become diseased.

Terrain will no longer provide any disease immunities.

Disease and Petrification are now separately tunable in World customization options.

Added new Marble and Moonrock themed set pieces with secrets to uncover.

Added a new magical item, the Moon Caller’s Staff, which must be obtained through world events rather than crafting.

Added a new craftable Cartographer’s Desk which unlocks a crafting station for creating Map Scrolls that can be shared with other players.

Grass Gekkos will once again have a way to be introduced into your world over time even if they did not appear at Worldgen.

Updated the visual patterns and textures for all Moonrock items.

Updated Dwarf Star animations. 

Bug Fixes: 

Player Minimaps will now load properly when rejoining a server from a different machine.

Caves Minimap is now properly cleared when a player dies in Wilderness mode.

This update is already live and available across all Worlds, but do bear in mind that there is no guarantee it will function perfectly for existing Worlds. As such, it is recommended you use a new save slot to generate a new World in order to experience all of the content in its full, bug-free glory.

And one last thing, the minimaps have been reset for all of your Worlds due to switch to new networked minimap data. But don't worry, this will be the first and last time such a thing happens as the developers are fully aware of how annoying it is. Have fun with the update, and do try not to starve!