Don't Starve Together artwork for the skeletal beast from A New Reign update

Don't Starve released four years ago, and even though Don't Starve Together is its own thing its still impressive to see Klei continuously tinker and improve upon their creation. Their latest effort, the rather aptly named A New Reign update, has now arrived to Steam after a brief beta phase. It brings with it new giants to slay, new and enhanced biomes to explore, a bunch of new mysteries to uncover in the Ruins, and the list goes.

If you're interested in a few brief glimpses at all of this content you'll find the recently posted teaser video down below. It won't really give you a good overview of what the update brings to the table, but it should at least get you into the proper mood. Have a look:

The New Reign update has also brought with it a whole bunch of bug fixes and miscellaneous changes, so if you're interested in all of the details you will find the full patch notes on Steam. If you're just looking for the short version, however, here's the official list of features:

* New Giants: New bosses like the Toadstool, Bee Queen and Klaus await your challenge.  The Antlion may give you trouble too, if you're looking to pick a fight...

* Enhanced Biomes: Explore the desert biome for a chance to discover a luscious oasis, or brave the caves and delve into the heart of the Ruins for ancient secrets.

* New Ruins Content: Who is the Ancient Fuelweaver, and what does Charlie have in store for him?


Search the desert for new surprises shrouded by the Sandstorm in summer.

Pay tribute to the Antlion to prevent Sinkholes above ground and Cave-ins underground, as well as earn other rewards.

Added Desert Goggles, a must have when walking into a Sandstorm.

Added The Lazy Deserter, a magical device used for teleporting players to each other.

Added /sit and /squat emotes.

Discover the secret entrance to the new Atrium zone inside the Caves and unlock the mysteries lying deep within the Heart of the Ruins.

Ornate Chests can no longer be destroyed, and the Large Ornate Chest now contains better loot, including an Ancient Key.

The Shadow Atrium can now be used to resurrect Odd Skeletons. Results may vary, depending on where you attempt this dangerous ritual!

Ruins music is back!

The New Reign content has automatically been added into existing worlds, but there is no guarantee that it will be 100% compatible. In other words, if you want to experience all of the new content in all of its glory you will need to use a different Save Slot to create a brand new world. Its a bit annoying, but I suppose such is the price one must pay for a whole bunch of free content. Have fun!