Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, the remastered version of the base game is now available on non PC platforms

The PC version of the enhanced edition has been out for a while now and it is a massive improvement over the base game, especially in terms of storytelling which was on the bad side of cheesy when Original Sin first launched.

And now the upgraded version has arrived to Mac, Linux and SteamOS along with numerous performance improvements that will be added to the PC version as well. RPG fans rejoice!

Here's the direct quote from the developers, Larian Studios:

"Have you been waiting, controller in hand, to dive into Rivellon on your Steam Box? Well now you can! As of today, Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is available for Mac, Linux, and SteamOS, opening up the world of Rivellon to a new wave of Source Hunters.

We took the opportunity to update the PC version so that it’s in synch with the Mac & Linux version and we also fixed a number of stability issues reported by players.

And happy holidays!"

If you have an interest in oldschool RPGs with a modern twist then I'd suggest you grab Divinity during the current Steam Winter Sale, especially if you have a friend who you can play with because the game works beautifully in co-op.

As a personal suggestion of mine I'd recommend you try the various mage archetypes, especially the fire one, because that is some of the best spellcasting gameplay I've had in an RPG. There are tons of spells to chose from, many of which have devastatingly powerful effects that are balanced by the fact that they can hit friendly targets as well which does lead to some funny scenarios, especially in co-op.