Divinity: Original Sin 2 developer diary shows how PvP works

With Divinity: Original Sin already offering you plenty of ways to accidentally throw a barrel of flammable oil on a friend that's fighting a living incarnation of fire, it makes sense for the sequel to take things even further by adding proper competitive PvP mode.

If you're wondering what exactly that'll entail, besides the whole "sling fireballs at everyone not-you shaped" business, the 22nd Developer Diary for Original Sin 2 will give you a brief glimpse. Here's the video, and if you're feeling particularly boring and want to skip the April 1st gag, head over to 3:00 in the video, that's when the PvP showcase starts:


For those of you looking for a brief summary, the video goes over the general progress on Divinity: Original Sin 2's competitive multiplayer aspect, with a special focus on how the world itself will affect battles. In the given example height plays an extremely important role as the player on low ground is unable to get his attacks to hit the high ground, while the ranger is able to use the fact that projectiles now have trajectories and drop-off in order to attempt shots at targets that are outside of his sight.

Its all a bit basic right now, and the footage is somewhat blurry due to it being filmed off-screen, but given how open-ended the combat was in Divinity: Original Sin I have very high hopes for Original Sin 2, especially if they keep adding nifty new features like the ones shown today.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the newly released "VR Mode", I hear only the very best goblin technicians worked on it.