Dishonored 2's custom difficulty option

After spending a week in beta, Dishonored 2's long-awaited Game Update 2 is now finally available. It brings with it numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations, and more importantly, the ability to customize your difficulty settings!

By messing around with a variety of sliders you can adjust things such as the effectiveness of cover, how quickly sleep darts take effect, how many active enemies will engage you at the same time, and other such things. And for those among you that love to push themselves to the very limit, there is also a brand new Iron Mode difficulty setting where you don't get to manually save, and where even a single death will lead you to a game over!

Finally, If you're interested in all of the details and bug fixes you can find the official patch notes on the Bethesda website, but if you're just looking for the short version you'll find all of the noteworthy PC and PS4 fixes down below. Here's the list:


Added new mode

- Custom Difficulties

Added Mission restart / Mission Select

- Mission restart available from pause menu and result screen


Fixed a bug where Switching off the V-Sync for the second time set the FPS Limiter to 30 instead of 60 by default

Fixed a bug where changing the settings from TXAA to FXAA and not applying the change made the TXAA Sharpness turn to 1 instead of its previous value

Fixed a bug where turning off TXAA Anti-aliasing does not visually disable TXAA Sharpness slider

Fixed a bug where the changes made to V-Sync were reverted to the previous setting when turning on then cancelling

Fixed bug where the volumetric lightning is not turned on by default at launch if it was set to off on a previous version and it can't be turned on manually anymore

Fixed a bug where the "Fog Quality" setting is set back to low after restarting the game

Fixed a bug where Keyboard/mouse shortcut UI could show up during possession & keyhole peeking

Fixed a bug where Emily’s feet can be seen floating during the throne room cutscene with high FOV settings

Fixed a bug where the Low Chaos Sokolov epilogue slide will have black windows if Volumetric Lighting is off

Fixed a bug where the screen post processing persists in Ansel mode


Fixed a graphical distortion on top / bottom of screen when forced from past to present at front door

Fixed a bug where attempting to start a New Game Plus off of a corrupt epilogue save twice would start a regular new game and delete the corrupt save without confirmation.

Fixed a bug where a save data could become corrupted while regularly reloading auto-saves and deleted without notifying the user

Fixed a bug where pressing the Power Wheel button during active gameplay on a PS Vita caused an indefinite non-interactive screen