Dishonored 2's Outsider and protagonist

With only a couple of days left till release Bethesda has finally unveiled what I can imagine is the final trailer for Dishonored 2. But rather than showcase all of the sneaky tricks you'll be able to employ they have decided to go with a somewhat different approach... one that focuses more on wanton destruction and plenty of bloodshed.

So if you're interested in getting an action orientated look at Dishonored 2, along with the basic story premise and a few tidbits of narration, then this trailer should be perfect for you. Have a look:

However, if you're like me and you care more about sneaking around and learning new things about the world of Dishonored 2, don't worry as I bring some good news! While it isn't exactly a proper 'gameplay trailer', the recently posted 'Book of Karnacka' narrative video is filled with intriguing tidbits of knowledge about the various characters and events that will shape Dishonored 2. Best of all, its narrated by the Outsider himself! So if you're interested in a more story focused approach, have a look:

Dishonored 2 is set to launch on November 11 for all platforms, with those that have preordered getting it a day early. While it might be tempting to hop onto the preorder train in order to grab it as soon as possible, I would recommend exercising a bit of patience, just in case. I have no doubt that Dishonored 2 will be good given how many gameplay trailers Bethesda has posted so far, but you can never really prepare for the variety of technical issues that are almost certainly going to pop up. So take my advice and wait a day or two after launch. You're not going to miss anything... except maybe a whole bunch of frustration.