Dishonored 2's Emily screenshot

Bethesda has frequently mentioned how both Corvo and Emily will have slightly different sets of powers, but they never really went beyond that simple throwaway line. This is where the recent 'Daring Escapes' video comes into play as it not only showcases the more action-orientated side of Dishonored 2, but also the key differences between Emily and Corvo.

To put things simply, Corvo is a much more methodical character that focuses primarily on executing plans to perfection through the use of powerful spells such as Possession and Bend Time. On the other hand, Emily features an extremely aggressive playstyle that requires you to get in people's faces, take down multiple opponents at once, and quickly make an escape through the use of various shadowy powers. Since all of this is a bit hard to grasp through text alone, here's the 'Daring Escapes' video:

While I'm not a fan of butchering poor guards for no reason, I still must admit that the gameplay on show today is leagues ahead of the original Dishonored. The animations are a lot smoother, the spells are much more devastating, the levels are just as open as they ever were, and best of all, the two different characters seem to offer unique styles of play - there's not much more you can ask from Dishonored 2!

Whether its any good or not, however, that you'll have to wait a little while in order to find out as Dishonored 2 will be releasing for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 11.