Dishonored 2 screenshot made entirely in black and white

[Update]: Thanks to a partnership between Bethesda and GOG, the entire Dishonored series and the first two modern Wolfenstein games are now available DRM-free.

If you're looking to give Dishonored 2 and its spin-off Death of the Outsider another try, you might be interested to hear that Bethesda has now released a new batch of free content for both games. The only catch, as you might imagine, is that you will have to log in with your Bethesda account in order to access all of it.

The first of these additions is the new "Mission+" mode that allows you to go to any previously completed mission in order to experiment with all of the powers and weapons at your disposal. While it's likely to break the balance on some of the earlier missions, it should be a good bit of fun to completely terrorize the poor guards that have been sent to stand in your way.

As for the Black and White mode, it does exactly what you would expect. It simply gives the games a black and white tint, though all of the blood will still remain red for aesthetic reasons. A relatively small addition, but as you can see from the two screenshots, it's a rather fetching visual style, and one that I wouldn't actually mind messing around with!

The third and final bonus is exclusive to Dishonored 2, mostly because it is the original pre-order incentive. The Imperial Assassin’s Pack offers a Duelist’s Luck bone charm, a Void Favor bone charm, an antique Serkonan guitar for Emily or Corvo to interact with, an in-game book to read, as well as 500 bonus coins to help you along.

None of these changes and additions are exactly massive, but for the low price of free I'd say they are a pretty nice incentive to revisit Dishonored 2 under a bit of a different light... quite literally! You can learn more about the new modes, as well as grab them yourself, by visiting the official website. Have fun!

Dishonored 2 screenshot of the city rendered entirely in black and white