Disgaea PC update has fixed most of the FPS problems gamers experienced

A PC version of the wacky Disgaea RPG series has been requested for years now but much to everyone's disappointment, when it finally arrived it did so alongside numerous performance problems and terrible framerate drops.

Thankfully, the developers have now come out with an update that should solve the majority of the problems. Here's what exactly got fixed and what NIS America is still working on:

Before we address issues that people are currently experiencing, we want to point out the specific fixes mentioned in our last announcement that our dev team was able to implement as shown below:

1.) Maintaining controllability during framerate drops

a. When framerate drops, the game will skip frames, allowing users to maintain control.

2.) Adding a warning message when turning on SSAO

a. There will be a warning message for users who turn on SSAO when using a PC below minimum recommended specs.

3.) Fixing controller issues

a. Prior to the patch, the game would continuously search for a controller, which caused lower FPS rates. We have lowered the amount of times this occurs during in-game, so mouse/keyboard users should have better FPS rates.

4.) Optimizing GPU performance

a. Devs were able to optimize the GPU performance, which in turn, should perform well for many PCs.

5.) Low FPS on high-end PCs

a. We have fixed the problem where the game utilized only one core. This game should now properly utilize more than one core when available.

b. Fixed slowdowns when moving between maps.

c. Included CPU optimization (This option may lower performance depending on PC specs, so this will be a selectable option in the menu).

6.) SSAO issues that occur regardless of PC specs

a. Fixed the issue in which turning on SSAO would create artifacts on screen.

b. Fixed the issue in which SSAO causes the screen to go black on PCS with Intel GPUs.

7.) Other fixes

a. When playing the game on a PC below minimum specs, a warning message will appear.

b. Fixed some minor issues such as monster cries and text issues. 


Additional Information:

Customers using Windows 7 with an Intel CPU and integrated graphics with outdated drivers:

This will cause a memory leak, causing the game to eventually crash. Please make sure to download and update your drivers at Intel’s website. This link directs you to the Intel Driver Update Utility, which will scan your computer and check for possible updates.

As mentioned on the previous post, opting out of the “Steam Client Beta Participation” will fix FPS issue. If you are not aware about this issue, please click on here for step by step instructions on how to disable the “Steam Client Beta Participation.”

We are aware that this patch has disabled the Steam overlay and is causing issues with in-home streaming and screenshots. We are working on a solution to this.

Lastly, we are aware that people are having issues entering “Cave of Ordeals 3” as it crashes upon loading. We will send this to our dev team right away to get this fixed, so please stay tuned for further updates.