The ridiculous RPG Disgaea is coming to PC this February 24th

Being a PC gamer for the majority of my life I have to admit I know very little about the Disgaea series other than its a bunch of extremely well done RPGs with a good dash of humor thrown in.

But even knowing its a series quite light in tone didn't manage to prepare me for the sheer ridiculousness that is the Disgaea PC release trailer. Take a look, you won't regret it:


The Steam version of Disgaea will come with enhanced graphics, keyboard and mouse support and all of the features previously exclusive to the PSP remake "Afternoon of Darkness" which included a lot of extra content as well as multiplayer (which unfortunately isn't coming by the looks of things).

As far as gameplay is concerned the one really interesting thing with Disgaea is the fact that you can keep leveling up, for as long as you wish. The main story will be perfectly beatable without any extra grind but if you want to fully experience all of the side areas and character stories you're going to have to embrace the grind and the ridiculous spells that come from it.

Disgaea PC: Digital Deluxe Dood Edition will be arriving on Steam this February 24th at a €19,99 / $19,99 price point and I for one welcome its zaniness.