Dirt 3 Complete Edition screenshot showing a car spinning around a pillar

In order to celebrate the currently ongoing Birthday Sale the Humble Store has decided to offer a free game for everyone to enjoy. As you can probably guess from the tittle alone, the game in question is Dirt 3 Complete Edition.

Whether its any good or not, I have absolutely no idea given that I simply don't care about racing games, but if you do you might as well check it out for the incredibly low price of nothing. But if you need at least a glimpse at the gameplay before deciding if the download times are worth it, here's one of the most recent trailers for the Complete Edition:

You can grab Dirt 3 by heading over to the Humble Store, but do keep in mind that this promotion will only last for two more days! And on a complete side note, if you feel like pairing up your free racing game with a free FPS, you're in luck as Ubisoft has recently made Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon completely free in order to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Have fun, and don't forget to actually input your Steam key!