The Elder Scrolls: Legends official artwork from Houses of Morrowind

Despite having some pretty neat ideas and The Elder Scrolls tag behind it, it would appear that The Elder Scrolls: Legends has not managed to maintain a large enough playerbase to continue development. As such, I'm afraid that any future content releases have now been put on hold.

"Until then, you can still download and play Legends on all existing platforms and compete online as well as in the single-player modes," reads the official update. "We will also continue to support the game with monthly reward cards and regular in-game events. New expansions and other future content, however, are no longer under active development. We will continue to provide ongoing maintenance support."

"To thank you all for supporting Legends these past few years, and for continuing to play with us, we are giving away The Tamriel Collection – an assortment of new, three-attribute cards and more – to all players for free upon their next login. We are immensely grateful to work on The Elder Scrolls: Legends, to have you as a community, and we sincerely appreciate the love and support you’ve given us."

While this doesn't bode well for the future of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, it is also a pretty good time to give it a try and see just what it has to offer. With no new cards arriving in the foreseeable future, you can try to build a couple of current competitive decks and suss out whether Legends is your kind of game or not. And with the above-mentioned freebies, this should be quite a lot easier than before!

You can read more about The Elder Scrolls: Legends, as well as give it a try yourself, over at the official website. Have fun, and here's to hoping Legends manages to recover from this rather serious slump.