Heroes of Newerth official artwork for the hero Moira

[Update #2]: After 12 years of frantic battles, Heroes of Newerth has now shut down.

[Update]: I'm afraid I have some more bad news - Heroes of Newerth is now closing down its doors.

Back before League of Legends got big and before Dota 2 was even a twinkle in Valve's eye, Heroes of Newerth reigned as the most popular MOBA around. It had extremely tight controls, fun hero designs, and a development team that seemed to be in-tune with what the community wanted. It was by all accounts a great game, but alas, no king rules forever.

Heroes of Newerth's downfall began when they moved from the free open beta into the $30 full release, a move that drastically reduced the playerbase and pushed a good portion of them towards League of Legends. Despite the setback, Heroes of Newerth did recover, and for a while things were once again looking pretty good. Unfortunately, around the time Dota 2 went into Closed Beta, Heroes of Newerth started getting a series of poorly thought out heroes and balance changes, all of which ended up pushing more and more people towards its competitors, me and my friends included.

While Heroes of Newerth did remain active past this point, especially in the Asia region, it never really managed to regain the same respect or popularity it once held. And now, quite a few years after its original launch, I am sad to announce that development on Heroes of Newerth has finally come to an end. There might still be minor patches and bug fixes coming in the near future, but there will be no major changes or additions from this point onward.

If there is one positive in any of this, it would be that the final update is rather extensive and seemingly quite good. So if you feel like reliving the good old days, or just seeing what Heroes of Newerth has to offer, this would be the best time to do so as the playerbase is likely to be a bit more lively than usual for the next few weeks.

You can read more about this update, as well as what Heroes of Newerth is all about, over at the official website.