Desura is once again available after being offline for 9 days

Many years ago Desura served as a place for small and niche indie games to earn some recognition in the public's eye, and hopefully enough sales to be considered worthy of entering the walled gardens of Steam. However, ever since Steam stopped curating their store and allowed easy exposure for thousands of indie games, Desura lost its main advantage, and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

To make matters worse, the whole Desura website went down over a week ago without a single word of warning, taking all of the player libraries with it. Thankfully, it now seems to be back online, as noticed by a user named Foamed.

The website itself is registered and paid for until 2019, but I would still strongly suggest you head over to Desura right now and back-up whatever parts of your library you feel attached to, because they might not be there tomorrow.

Do bear in mind that there are probably thousands of other people doing the exact same thing right now, so the website is acting a wee bit slow. It is still functional, however, you'll just have to wait a few minutes extra.