The characters from Destiny 2 on the official cover

Destiny 2 has been announced a little while ago, after which we have received only tiny little trickles of information. As such, I am happy to say that Bungie has recently posted three decently lengthy videos that go over the story and some of its characters, the worlds we'll get to explore, and the role of clans in Destiny 2.

Since the story in Destiny 1 was complete and utter nonsense its probably a good idea to start with what exactly Destiny 2 does to correct that problem. So here are the three videos, starting with the story and ending with the role of clans:



Destiny 2 will be coming to both PC and consoles on September 8th (Update: Console version is on September 6th, PC version on October 24th), and if you would like to learn a little bit more you should head over to the official website. And as a final note, it is worth mentioning that Destiny 2 will be coming to the PC exclusively via Blizzard's In other words, if you have some spare World of Warcraft gold you might just be able to purchase it for 'free'. Now that is one hell of a deal, especially since gold is basically a useless currency!