Deponia Doomsday is coming March 1st

I've only played the first of the Deponia trilogy, but what I experienced was a well written, charming and completely hilarious adventure with some challenging puzzles sprinkled on top.

If you have an inkling of interest for point & clicks now would be the best time to give Deponia a try as Daedalic has announced the fourth entry in to the series, titled Deponia Doomsday. Here's the trailer and a short description of what Doomsday is all about:


"One fateful night, Rufus awakes from a haunting nightmare: he sacrificed himself to save Deponia. But at what price? Elysium, the floating city crash-landed on the planet. As the last surviving Deponian, he fought savage fewlocks, but in the end, there was only one way out: He had to blow up Deponia! And... He grew a mustache.

Of course he realized that these gruesome events -especially the mustache part- had to be prevented from ever happening. Deponia and his well-shaved face had to survive!

But was this really just a dream? With the help of McChronicle, a quirky temporal scientist, who discovered strange time-anomalies, Rufus discovers that some time travelers from the future carelessly parked their time machine in his neighborhood. Just imagine if this amazing technology would fall into the wrong hands!"

Doomsday will be the biggest and most intricate Deponia game to date with over 70 new characters, many hand-drawn locations including the city of Elysium and most importantly the same humor and charm the series has become famous for.

Deponia Doomsday is coming to Steam on March 1st for Windows, Linux & Mac alongside a free digital soundtrack and art book. If you're a fan of point & clicks or well written and funny games in general I'd keep an eye out for Doomsday because if its anything similar to the original Deponia it should be excellent.