Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is coming on April 27 to PC

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of those cutesy platformers that are designed to make you think you're in for a lovely trip through some great-looking scenery before bringing down the hammer, and brutally destroying your hope as you endlessly tumble into death-pits. Most importantly, however, its a rather fun game.

Its soon going to become even better as the Definitive Edition has finally received its PC release date, April 27. You can expect to see new areas filled with even more lore to immerse yourself in, new abilities to enjoy, and a whole new variety of pits to slip into. Besides the new content there are a couple of extra difficulty modes, an easy mode that's there to simply let you experience all Ori has to offer, as well as a hard mode that's there to ensure you experience the underside of every death-trap Ori has to offer.

But enough yapping from me, here's the recently posted trailer for the Definitive Edition:


If you buy Ori and the Blind Forest through the Windows 10 store you will be able to transfer your save files from the Xbox One to PC, and vice versa, a feature the Steam version will not be coming with.

That aside, the price tag for the Definitive Edition is set at $20, with current owners of Ori and the Blind Forest only needing to pay $5 for the upgrade, a rather generous deal all things considered.