Death's Gambit screenshot of a boss fight

Death's Gambit is a seemingly Dark Souls inspired action-RPG with a heavy focus on challenging combat. As you might imagine from that sentence alone, this means you'll spend a lot of your time dodging around, striking enemies only when the time is right, and naturally, endlessly dying against a rather diverse bunch of bosses.

For those of you wondering what all of this looks like in-game, or what sort of tone Death's Gambit is even aiming for, you'll find the answers you seek in the recently posted trailer down below. Personally, I found it to be a pretty darn good trailer, so if you have a spare minute I'd highly recommend you check it out:

If you're as excited about all of this as I am, you'll be glad to hear that Death's Gambit will arriving on PC and PS4 this August 14th. A bit unfortunate given that it's competing with Blizzard's Battle for Azeroth, but I do believe Death's Gambit has enough going for it to still make quite a name for itself.

Until then, however, you can learn more about Death's Gambit by visiting either the official website or Steam.