DayZ update 0.60 has added the Direct X 11 renderer

After months and months of development the new Direct X 11 renderer has arrived to DayZ, though currently only through the experimental 0.60 update.

While its quite possible you will experience some issues and bugs in the current version, the new renderer brings with it a massive improvement to the average FPS in some of the most demanding areas of the game, greatly improved environmental effects such as rain, an update to the shadow and lighting system, and other such small features that make for a better, more compelling experience.

Here's one of the relatively recent developer videos showcasing the improved performance and graphics in action:


If you decide to give the experimental update a whirl and see how your performance holds up, do keep in mind that an unexpectedly large amount of people is thinking the exact same thing, so there might be a rather long queue before you're allowed to roam around the server. 

Finally, Update 0.60 has also brought with it a redesign of Chernogorsk and the surrounding areas. You can take a sneak peek at all of these new changes and additions in the most recent developer video, or simply discover them for yourself by trying out the experimental update.