DayZ screenshot of a zombie attack

If you're curious about DayZ and you've somehow managed to avoid giving it a try all these years, consider yourself quite lucky. In celebration of the newly released Update 1.07, DayZ will be entirely free to try out from February 13-17. All you need to do is head on over to Steam tomorrow, click on that giant green button, and you'll be ready to steal canned beans from other players in no time.

As for Update 1.07, it has brought with it the new Repeater Carbine which uses .357 rounds, as well as new 12ga rubber slugs which can be used to deal non-lethal damage with any of your favorite shotguns. The global lighting system has also received some noticeable changes, especially during night time, while the map itself now has a variety of new amusement parks for players to explore.

If you're wondering what any this might look like in game, you should check out the recently posted teaser trailer that's all about highlighting some of the major features. Have a peek:

For those of you interested in all of the details, however, can check out the full patch notes over at the official website. And with that said, I hope you have fun with the free weekend!