Dawn of War 3 Space Marines vs Eldar

Dawn of War 3 launched with quite a few problems, and the recent massive update is exactly the type of patch it needs in order to correct them. The AI has been improved, Base Requisition rate has been increased, Base Turret damage slightly reduced, and most importantly of all, the power of some early game units has been thankfully toned down.

There are a ridiculous amount of changes to go over, especially if you want to read the developer commentary, so if you're interested in all of the details you should head over to the official website. But long story short, the overused units got slightly nerfed, while the highly disappointing ones like the Tactical Marines have finally been buffed to the point where they can be both fun and effective to mess around with. While this probably doesn't matter given how easy the campaign is, it is worth noting that none of these nerfs will affect that side of the game - its only for multiplayer.

As for the future, hopefully Relic will fix some of the technical issues and hurdles Dawn of War 3 currently faces. If you ask me the biggest improvement would be finally adding custom keybinds, a feature they have somehow manage to omit despite constantly pushing Dawn of War 3 as some sort of esports game. But whatever fixes they bring up next, I really do hope they'll manage to bring Dawn of War 3 back on track because its currently losing players by the day, and for one of the biggest Warhammer 40k games out there that is just an unfortunate sight to behold.