Warhammer 40k: Darktide screenshot of the Mutant special charging the player

[Update #2]: Darktide's Rejects Unite patch has now arrived, and unfortunately it has done so alongside some serious technical issues.

[Update]: Darktide's Patch #9 has brought in a new batch of free cosmetics and the ability to go shirtless!.

If you've been playing Darktide for any serious amount of time, you've probably noticed that certain specials like Pox Hounds, Poxbursters and Mutants have a tendency to glitch out. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the Pox Hounds as they can frequently shrug off blows that would stagger bosses, home in on players despite them dodging and sliding, or best of all, violently vibrate before suddenly biting one's face off.

Thankfully, with today's Update #8 all of these problems seem to have finally been fixed. As such, Pox Hounds now have lag compensation so dealing with their nonsense should be a lot more reliable, while Poxbursters won't randomly be immune to stagger when you're desperately trying to push them away. You can also expect the Mutants to act in a smoother and more realistic fashion, so no more instant turns and absurd chases around boxes.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as Update #8 has also brought with it two important buffs. First of all, the Rashad Mk II Combat Axe will now more reliably headshot enemies instead of defaulting to hitting them in the chest. This means that its damage potential has just been massively increased because not only will you be getting that bonus headshot damage, but you'll also be able to trigger the all-important Brutal Momentum blessings to cleave through entire hordes.

The M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun has received a similar buff, and so its damage will no longer be affected by hit zone multipliers for anything that is not a monstrosity. So unlike the previous version, a superheated ball of plasma passing through someone's shoulder or weapon will now absolutely obliterate them, as it should. And just as an added bonus, you're now able to absorb venting damage with your toughness at a 3x rate! It's still going to hurt, but since toughness regenerates keeping the Plasma Gun firing should be a whole lot easier now.

As for the future, you'll be pleased to hear that the first week of May will bring with it new penances (achievements) for each class, and with them a whole set of new cosmetics to unlock! Here's a little peek at what two sets of them will look like:

Warhammer 40k: Darktide screenshot of the new Psyker and Zealot penance cosmetics

Once the May update arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about Update #8 over at the official forums. Enjoy!