Warhammer 40,000: Darktide screenshot of the new Chaos Spawn monstrosity

[Update #2]: Darktide's Update 1.1.10 is aiming to add Cross-play and an elite-focused modifier for missions.

[Update]: Darktide's Rejects Unite patch has now arrived, and unfortunately it has done so alongside some serious technical issues.

Back in January Darktide developer Fatshark suspended work on new content, new microtransactions and the Xbox version in an effort to focus on some much-needed fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Quite a few months and updates have gone by since then, and while features like crafting still need a lot of polish, Darktide is thankfully in a much better place right now.

Things are going to get even better soon as Fatshark has just announced that a sizable content update that will be dropping next week! The Rejects Unite update includes two new maps (‘Archivum Sycorax’ located in Throneside and ‘Ascension Riser 31’ located in Transit Hub), the long-awaited Chaos Spawn boss, a bunch of new cosmetics (both paid and free), and with a bit of luck, some nifty balance changes as well.

While the exact release date for the Rejects Unite update has not been announced just yet, Fatshark did reveal that the accompanying in-game event will be going live at 13:00 CET on Monday, May 29th. As such, I think it's safe to say the update will be going live on Monday as well.

There are currently three in-game events planned, though unfortunately they're not going to be very exciting as they'll simply require the entire Darktide community to achieve a certain amount of points by doing basic stuff like completing missions. Completing the first two events will give everyone a tattoo and cosmetic helmet respectively, while finishing the final event will officially unleash the Ascension Riser 31 map.

Speaking of cosmetics, the Rejects Unite update will also be adding a new in-game store known as the Commissary where you'll be able to purchase a variety of cosmetics items and recolors with in-game currency. The prices are likely to be steep for some of the fancier pieces, but given how many dockets you can stack up by simply playing on the higher difficulties, I doubt any of them will feel truly out of reach.

Once the Rejects Unite update goes live, most likely on May 29th, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then I'll leave you with a brief teaser showing off the new additions and the Chaos Spawn boss: