Darksiders Genesis close up trailer screenshot of the horseman Strife

THQ Nordic announced a little while ago that they would be revealing a brand new Darksiders game, which as you might imagine, made everyone think we'll be getting Darksiders 4 starring the gunslinger Strife. As it turns out, that ended up being only technically true!

We are getting a new Darksiders game and it will indeed star the gun-toting Strife, though it will not be Darksiders 4, but rather a top-down ARPG spin-off called Darksiders Genesis! Here's a brief trailer showing off what Genesis has to offer:

The details are still few and far between, but according to the brief description, Darksiders Genesis will focus on "intense combat", boss battles, puzzle-solving, and exploration of everything from heaven to hell. Most importantly, it will not be a small side-game, but rather a "full-scale Darksiders adventure"! 

You can keep an eye on any further announcements, as well as check out some of the early screenshots, over at the official website.