Darksiders 3 screenshot from the Crucible DLC

If you've finished Darksiders 3 but you're still itching for more, you might want to check out the latest update. Besides some balance changes and bug fixes, the update has added the much-requested new game plus mode called Armageddon.

As you would expect, the Armageddon mode will only become available once you complete Darksiders 3, and will offer you a much greater challenge with each subsequent playthrough. While you will get to retain your previous items, the Armageddon mode will bring with it tougher enemies, new upgrades to collect, a variety of new encounters to tackle, as well as a brand new enemy. What exactly these encounters might look like, the developers didn't specify, but anything that helps keep the new game plus experience fresh and interesting is certainly a welcome addition!

Similar to games like Dark Souls, Darksiders 3's Armageddon mode will increase in difficulty with each subsequent playthrough, capping at the ninth level. There will be no way to skip through these levels, however, so if you want the ultimate challenge, you'll have to go smash your way through all of them from the very beginning.

That said, if you want a merciless difficulty setting without having to endlessly repeat the same content, the update has also added a new Reckoning difficulty. In Reckoning your dodge windows will be smaller, the enemies will deal more damage, and naturally, have more health. Not quite as exciting as having brand new encounters to deal with, but certainly worth checking out if you're in it for the challenge.

You can read more about the Armageddon mode, as well as the new Reckoning difficulty, over at Steam. Have fun with the new modes!