Ah Darksiders 2, what a glorious game you could've been if you simply had more time. Alas with THQ being on the verge of bankruptcy Vigil Games had to launch the game as soon as possible.

The result was a stylish game mired in padding, excessive amount of pointless loot and an almost nonexistent difficulty curve. In the end THQ went bankrupt, the series sold to Nordic Games and very little was heard from it since.

Until recently. It appears that Nordic Games thought similarly of the series as I did because today they've released Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition which hopes to fix the errors of the past.

There is also a franchise pack on sale if you want to pick up Darksiders 1 as well , a game I enjoyed quite a lot. And speaking of the franchise pack, if you own the previous version of it you will find that the new Deathinitive edition has already been added to your account, completely free!

On the other hand, Darksiders 2 owners will find a slightly different story depending on where they bought the game from. If you own the game and all of its DLC on GOG you will get the Deathinitive edition for free as well, however there is no such deal on the Steam version. Instead, simply owning Darksiders 2 will give you a 80% discount during the first week.

The new Deathinitive edition contains all of the previously released DLC bundled with it, graphical improvements as well as reworked loot and balance.

While this all sounds amazing it seems that the new edition is having a lot of issues with crashing and overall stability if the steam reviews are to be believed. I don't doubt that the game has issues, there wouldn't be this many negative reviews if it ran fine, but keep in mind that many of these reviews have under half an hour of play time and are more of an angry reaction than a proper review.

My advice? Wait a while and see what happens, ideally the issues will be patched in a couple of days and this whole incident will go away but for now there is no reason to risk your money on a product that might not work. If you simply can't wait or you received it for free, give this Steam user post a look, he/she detailed a couple of fixes to most common issues people are having.