Darkest Dungeon is arriving on Steam, GOG & Humble Store on January 19th

Darkest Dungeon's Early Access campaign was a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions. When it first released it was a crowd favorite earning obscene amounts of praise for everything from gameplay to art style but during the mid point in development a couple of patches made the game a bit more tedious than the players appreciated which turned in to wide spread criticism only to have that criticism turn back in to praise a patch later.

And now after successfully enduring the Early Access trials Darkest Dungeon is set to release today, January 19th. Along with the announcement came a new spiffy release trailer, take a look:


So I guess the main question is, is Darkest Dungeon worth the purchase? After spending a decent amount of time with it I would say that it most certainly is. Its unique art style and hardcore turn based combat provide a gameplay experience you don't get to see often these days, one that I found myself greatly enjoying.

With the amount of content Darkest Dungeon accrued during its Early Access stay and given the fact that its procedurally generated there is plenty of gameplay for to you sink your teeth in, provided the permadeath and other such roguelike elements don't scare you away.

Darkest Dungeon is releasing this December 19th on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.