Darkest Dungeon Everything Burns update art

As you might expect given the name, Darkest Dungeon has plenty of content once you start to delve deep into the decrepit manor and its surrounding areas, but when it comes to the Hamlet, your base of operations, things are remarkably dull and uneventful.

Thankfully this is an issue that will be fixed tomorrow as Darkest Dungeon is preparing to receive the "Everything Burns" Update which brings with it Town Events, re-balancing, quality of life changes, and naturally, bug fixes. The update is already available as a beta-patch on Steam, so if you feel getting a sneak peek while still helping the developers out by catching any last-minute bugs, now would be the time to jump in.

As for the town events, they're designed with the idea of adding a bit of variety and liveliness to the desolate Hamlet, either through completely randomized events, or from ones you trigger by completing certain missions. For example, bringing back home a whole bunch of Holy Relics has a chance to spur the villagers into a massive religious celebration that can result in reduced prices, free treatment in the clinic, better recruits, and so forth.

Naturally, there will be plenty of negative events as well, these ones most likely influenced by losing team members, abandoning missions, or just returning home with four blithering madmen instead of noble crusaders. If you're not ready to deal with these events, or simply want to play Darkest Dungeon in its purest form, you'll have the option to either adjust the event frequency, or turn them off completely.

The Everything Burns update will be going live tomorrow for all storefronts, and if you're interested in all of the specifics you'll find the full patch notes on the official blog.

Darkest Dungeon Hamlet