Dark Souls Legends of Flame artwork

The enigmatic Dark Souls games are at this point no strangers to comic books. A couple of months ago we had a four part mini-series covering the early days of Aldritch (yes, the god-eating blob monstrosity from Dark Souls 3) and his rise to power, and already there is a second series springing up.

Fans of cannibalistic blobs will be disappointed to hear that the Legends of Flame does not continue on from where the first series left off, but instead tells the tale of a noble knight afflicted with the curse of undeath. If you're looking for a bit more information I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you as I simply couldn't find any. The announcement email I received, the official website, the Titan Comics storefront, all of them list out the same few vague paragraphs that don't really explain the plot or the characters:

"In a realm where hollowed champions rise and fall with the ages, where brave knights quest for absolution, and bonfires blaze against the everdark, myth and legend will forever prevail…

From the desolate worlds of Namco-Bandai’s critically-lauded video game series comes this unsettling collection of all-new Dark Souls tales - written and drawn by some of the comic industry’s finest.

Building upon the extensive lore of the franchise, this action-packed anthology is essential for all fans of the unforgiving and brutal video game!"

Since that description is about as useful as not having anything at all, allow me to show you one of the preview pages so you can at least get a taste of the art work and the general atmosphere behind the Legends of Flame. Speaking of which, you can purchase Legends of Flame from Titan Comics at a £2,65 price tag. Whether its any good or not, that I can't tell you, but if you're looking for more information on the Dark Souls world it might be worth the trouble. Anyway, here's the image:

Dark Souls Legends of the Flame artwork