Golden Joystick is giving away Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

Dark Souls 1 might genuinely be my favorite game ever made. Its not perfect, and it is a bit cruel to new players, but if you can get past its one of the most compelling and complex action RPGs ever made, with enough depth to its combat to keep you coming back for more every few months.

Which is why I'm delighted to tell you that the Golden Joystick Store is currently offering Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for free to EU/UK residents. Here's how to grab it:

[Update]: Mere minutes after posting this, the promotion has ended. I'll leave the article up just in case Golden Joystick decides to restart it during the next couple of days.

* Navigate to Golden Joystick promotion page

* Find your Steam ID by going to the SteamID website and inputting your steam profile URL. Once you're done with that simply copy the STEAMID64: numbers.

* Chose your country, submit and then wait an excruciating 7 days

* Note: Many are saying that they've been able to chose US as their country and still go through the whole procedure so even if you're not from the EU its worth giving it a try. Or you can use a *cough* VPN *cough*.

This promotion is being offered in order to draw people towards using the Golden Joystick Store, but for some reason their big sale currently contains two discounted items. I'm assuming something either broke or the sale hasn't begun yet, so check it out later for some sweet discounts.

Finally, my suggestion with Dark Souls is to not give up. It will be hard, it will be brutal the first few hours, but once you get the hang of it you will discover why so many people praise it with near religious fervor.

Enjoy, I wish I could play it as a fresh-faced newbie!