Dark Souls Winters Spite official artwork

The Dark Souls series is no stranger to comics given that it has already received four, and while the first one was quite terrible in my humble opinion, the following three had managed to correct most of the problems and create an actually compelling bit of Souls storytelling. Whether any of it its canon or not, I have absolutely no idea, but if you're looking to get a bit of an insight into Aldritch's life, check them out.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a comic that doesn't focus around everybody's favorite cannibalistic god-eater, you'll be glad to hear that the same creative talent is back with a brand new four-part Dark Souls comic series titled Winter's Spite. While there isn't much information available right now, here's the basic premise:

" Beyond this tenuous fabric lies a place of banishment; a world within a world where the frigid nights endure and even the Old Lords fear to tread. Only the deluded dare venture there, yet in these times of misery, sometimes madness is our only path toward salvation... " 

The first issue will be arriving on November 9th, so if pondering over Dark Souls lore is your thing, make sure to mark the date. Since I unfortunately can't offer you any more information, here's one of the alternate pieces of cover art:

Dark Souls Winters Spite comic artwork cover