Dark Souls #1 is an official comic that will be releasing this April

Given the popularity of Dark Souls as a series and the short comic that preceded the release of Dark Souls 2 the only surprising thing here is how long it took for an official comic book to show up.

In a short announcement over at IGN George Mann, the writer behind the comic, announced that Dark Souls #1 will be releasing on April 6th, shortly before Dark Souls 3's launch. Here's one of the four cower images announced:

Dark Souls #1 comic official cover revealed

When asked about how he feels working on a Dark Souls comic Mann had this to say:

"I’m ‘dead’ excited to be working on this new series (see what I did, there). Dark Souls has a rich, original universe that’s just begging to be explored in comics, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to delve in and tell some new stories within it.

I’ve been a fan of the games for some time, so it’s a real thrill to be able to contribute to the mythology of the Hollows and their world."

The comic will be heavily entrenched in the Dark Souls world and lore but will explore completely new stories and locations which if you ask me is a very good thing because if anyone wanted to experience Dark Souls there's already an easy way to do so, simply playing the game.

That aside I've seen a lot of people extremely negative about this comic and I don't really understand why. If it ends up sucking you can simply ignore it and move on but if it turns out to be excellent and a part of cannon the community will get even more lore tidbits to construct insanely elaborate theories about.

Dark Souls #1 will be arriving on April 6th with Dark Souls 3 following shortly on April 12th.