Dark Souls 3 launch trailer has been released

Its funny how all of this started. Back when I first saw Dark Souls at my friend's house I vowed I would never play such an imbalanced and unfair game, yet a couple of years later and here we are, I'm practically frothing at the mouth while waiting for Dark Souls 3 to destroy me... I might have issues.

It doesn't help that Fromsoftware have started to release a steady stream of Dark Souls 3 information, today in the form of a brand new trailer which showcases some of the more interesting boss designs out there, and also a giant enemy crab! Have a look:


Its impressive to me that Miyazaki and his team still manage to dig up truly gruesome abominations from the darkest reaches of their mind with such consistency. One would think that after single-handedly fronting the entire genre for many years now they would be showing signs of slowing down, but if anything, the opposite is true.

Also, does that... thing at 1:17 remind anyone of Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls 1? Its obviously not him, given that he is dead after all (even though that's not much of a certainty in the Dark Souls world), but it would be a rather intriguing connection if true. 

To find out, we'll unfortunately have to wait all the way until April 12th for Dark Souls 3 to finally release in the West.