Dark Souls 3 first-person mod

It might seem insane to even consider playing a Souls game in first-person, but believe it or not, its where the series originated from. The King's Field games, developed by FromSoftware for the various PlayStation consoles, were a strange and intriguing bunch that combined a first-person perspective with slow and methodical combat, nasty enemies, and plenty of weapons with unique playstyles... sound familiar?

While the mod on display doesn't exactly copy the gameplay style of the King's Field series, it does give you an option to play Dark Souls 3 in first-person so you can experience all of those parries and backstabs in their full dizzying glory. Here's a video showcasing the mod in action:


This mod comes to us from Zulliethewitch, a name that might sound familiar to you given that he/she also built first-person mods for both Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2. As with the previous versions of this mod you can expect to see some graphical anomalies, and more than a fair share of animation problems, but overall it should function without much of an issue.

You can download the mod by heading over here, though be warned about bringing it to Online Play as its currently unknown whether it can get you softbanned or not. I never had a strike against my account for using the Dark Souls 1 equivalent, but that doesn't have to mean the same will apply these days, so do proceed with caution.