Dark Souls 3 has a brand new trailer showcasing bosses, monsters and locations you will encounter

Action orientated gameplay set to a melancholic ill-fitting tune has been the staple of Dark Souls trailers the past few years and it seems not even Dark Souls 3 is able to avoid it.

The latest Dark Souls 3 trailer showcases the "true colors of darkness" which is apparently a code word for new bosses, enemies, locations and armor sets you will be able to toy around with. Here's the trailer:

If you've missed it, allow me to bring your attention to one very important new fact I've just realized about Dark Souls 3: the Elite Knight Set is back! That armor has become so iconic the past few years that even Black Desert has an almost exact replica of it. Now they just need to bring back Ornstein's armor and I will be a very, very happy hollow.

Dark Souls 3 is coming for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on April 12th alongside a couple of fancy trinkets for those that pre-order. If you're wondering whether your PC can even run it then I'd suggest looking at the system requirements though its all fairly standard mid-ranged gaming PC stuff.