Death Come True screenshot of one of the scenes

[Update]: Right on schedule, Death Come True has now made its way to PC!

Kazutaka Kodaka, the creative mind behind the rather unique Danganronpa series, will soon be releasing his newest game onto PC - Death Come True. As you might expect, there is a bit of a twist with Death Come True to make things just a little more interesting. So instead of being a classic horror-mystery game, the upcoming Death Come True will play like an interactive movie as it's entirely made out of FMV (full motion video) sequences!

Rather than ramble on, I think it's probably for the best if you check out one of the trailers. It should give you a pretty good impression of just what Death Come True is going for. Have a looksie, and don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

If that looks like something you'd love to sink your teeth into, then you'll be glad to hear that Death Come True will be heading over to PC next week, on July 17th. For those of you that don't even feel like waiting that long, however, it's also worth mentioning that Death Come True is already live on both mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

You can learn more about Death Comes True, as well as keep an eye on its upcoming launch, over at Steam.