Consortium: The Tower is currently going through a rather stellar Fig campaign

Its not an easy task to get your crowdfunding campaign to attract the necessary amount of people these days, as the Consortium: The Tower developers know full well given that their Kickstarter in January failed before even reaching the halfway point.

Rather than simply give up after a rather crushing defeat, the developers opted to go with a "drastic" plan B, which turned out to be a recently launched Fig campaign that is currently well on its way towards reaching the $300,000 goal through a combination of investments, and pledges. Here's a brief video explaining what exactly Consortium: The Tower is all about:

I still haven't had the time to play the original Consortium, despite owning it on Steam, but from my understanding the series is focused around immersion, and choice-driven gameplay that shapes the world depending on your actions, so if you are constantly shooting people in the face for example, other characters will either run away from you, or be openly hostile. Perhaps the best comparison would be with the original Deus Ex as they both share similar ideas on player freedom.

Either way, its certainly an intriguing concept, and one that we don't get to see much these days, or at all when you really think about it.

So, if you would like to help Consortium: The Tower become reality, and receive a copy of the game itself, the cheapest tier will set you back $20. The campaign currently sits at $175,158 raised from the $300,000 goal, and with 33 days left it seems that Consortium might finally get its break.

Consortium: The Tower has some rather sleek visuals