Hard Reset Redux has been announced for the PC, Xbox One and PS4

Hard Reset is a cyberpunk FPS that's all about using over the top weapons against hordes and hordes of enemies alongside some flashy graphics and upbeat music. It launched back in 2012 and through many updates and even a free expansion became on one of the most fun FPS games around.

And now it seems that Hard Reset is getting an updated "Redux" version which will bring with it improved graphics, re-balanced gameplay as well as new weapons such as the cyber-katana and new enemies to use it on. Here's the announcement trailer:


While very little information is known about Hard Reset Redux I can a tell you that the base game is an amazing throwback to the FPS of old with plenty of customizable weapons, tricky enemies and a whole lot of precariously placed exploding barrels. If that sounds like something you might be interested in Hard Reset is currently heavily discounted on Steam and believe me when I say its well worth your time to explode through it.

If the Redux version manages to maintain the same hectic run & gun gameplay while adding even more weaponry and enemies in to the mix then I can see myself easily spending another dozen or so hours with it, especially if the sword combat is inspired by Shadow Warrior, which is also developed by Flying Wild Hog.

Hard Reset Redux it will be arriving on the PC, Xbox One & PS4 sometime soon though no actual release date or price point has been announced.