Ghostrunner: Project_Hel official key art

The original Ghostrunner is a fast-paced and ultra-violent action-adventure about dashing from rooftop to rooftop slicing and dicing everything in your way. Unsurprisingly, the freshly released Project_Hel expansion has taken that concept and pushed it even further!

So if you're wondering just how ridiculous things can get in Project_Hel, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It's quite the spectacle! Have a peek:

As far as the actual content is concerned, however, Project_Hel bring with it a playable version of one of the original game's bosses, as well as six new levels to massacre your way through. Naturally, there's also new enemies and bosses to tackle, a new storyline to try to unravel, along with a bunch of new soundtracks to jam out to.

It's also worth mentioning that while the Project_Hel expansion doesn't have a demo, the original Ghostrunner does. So if you're curious about the idea of being a cyber-ninja, I'd say it's well worth checking out by hopping over to Steam.

To learn more about the Project_Hel expansion, as well as Ghostrunner in general, you should head on over to the official website. Have fun flinging yourself off rooftops!

Ghostrunner: Project_Hel close-up screenshot of the main character

Cyberpunk: Project_Hel screenshot of a close range stab attack