Disciples: Liberation screenshot from the cinematic trailer

[Update]: Disciples: Liberation has now landed onto Steam, and if you're curious to see what it looks like, I'm happy to say there's a free demo available!

While the Disciples series started off heavily inspired by the immensely popular Heroes of Might and Magic, slowly but surely it developed in its own unique direction as a sort of hybrid between a strategy game and a turn-based RPG. Unfortunately, all of the good will Disciples managed to garner with the great first and second game quickly got erased once the unfinished and unpolished Disciples 3 landed. This blunder basically sunk the entire series, and Disciples as a whole faded away from memory afterwards.

However, in a twist that I don't think anyone could've predicted, Kalypso Media has recently announced that they are brining Disciples back. Better yet, they're not doing some sort of remaster of Disciples 2, but instead a proper mainline game by the name of Disciples: Liberation!

The details are still few and far between, but Disciples: Liberation will feature an 80+ hour singleplayer campaign, a massive amount of hero and unit customization, and naturally, plenty of different units to smash into each other in turn-based battles. As for the release window, Disciples: Liberation will be launching in Q4 2021, though no specific date has been given just yet.

If you're curious what sort of tone the story will be going for, allow me to share the cinematic announcement trailer. It sadly doesn't go into much detail about the actual story, but it does at least set up a nice mystery. Have a peek:

Once we get more information, ideally alongside a proper gameplay trailer, I'll make sure to let you know as I'm quite excited myself. Until then, you can read a tiny bit more about Disciples: Liberation over at Steam.