CS:GO's new and improved version of Inferno

After revamping the entirety of Nuke, another classic Counter-Strike map, Valve has apparently set their sights on Inferno as their next renovation project. And as you can probably guess from the title, they've already released their first (beta) version of the new and improved Inferno!

While I've only played it for a short time in a rather non-serious match, I have to say that I am genuinely impressed with their work here. The new Inferno is not only much prettier, but its also much easier to spot your enemies, so you can spend more time playing the game and less time playing 'Where's Waldo?' with a guy wearing purely black clothes and hiding in a shadowy corner. Just have a look at some of these changes, you'll see what I mean:

CS:GO comparison image for Inferno's A point

A point is now much brighter, and the glitchy truck has been replaced

CS:GO Inferno banana comparison between new and old version

Banana has been opened up, and the car replaced with barrels you can penetrate

CS:GO Inferno comparison showing new T spawn

New T spawn allows you to go directly into alt-mid

CS:GO B point changes on Inferno

B entrance is now devoid of cover, but the wall has been extended slightly

Before you start panicking and yelling at Valve, do keep in mind that Inferno is currently in beta. As such, Valve is looking to collect as much valuable player feedback as possible before any of these changes go live. So queue up and try out the map, see what works and what doesn't, and make sure to let Valve know as well. But balance aside, I am a big fan of this new Inferno, so here's to hoping all of the problems get sorted out real quick so we can start playing on it 'proper'!