Marvel's Avengers game official artwork and logo

Much like Anthem, the recently launched Marvel's Avengers has run into quite a few problems with its endgame. Not only does the combat get very repetitive very quickly due to a lack of enemy diversity, but there's also problems with the loot being unexciting and the endgame boss fights more tedious than anything else.

In order to address some of these issues, as well as let the community know what's happening, Crystal Dynamics have now released a lengthy developer update. Here's a brief rundown of what you can expect to see over the coming weeks and months:

First and foremost, as a small thank you for sticking with the game despite some of its troubles, Crystal Dynamics are giving everyone a bunch of in-game goodies. Starting from October 22nd and lasting until November 5th, players will be able to receive a package containing 1500 credits, 7000 units, 250 upgrade modules, 20 DNA keys, and a Sarah Garza-inspired nameplate.

The team is still working on improving performance and stability, especially on PC, as well as making the matchmaking a lot faster. Naturally, they are also looking into improving the reward systems, expanding the endgame by introducing new weekly quests, and also adding Omega-level threats that should provide a worthy challenge for even the most geared of players.

Marvel's Avengers screenshot of the upcoming Omega-level mission in the AIM cloning lab

The AIM cloning lab will be the first of the new Omega-level missions

Crystal Dynamics is also aiming to release a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life changes in the near future. You can look forward to a ping system that helps you mark objectives and resources, the ability to reset the campaign while keeping your gear and level intact, a high contrast mode to help with readability, as well as better feedback for offscreen attacks.

As for the more distant future, I'm afraid that Kate Bishop’s Operation has been pushed back and will no longer be launching this October. A new release date hasn't been announced just yet, but the good news is that the developers will only be releasing it once it's well and truly ready, so it should be a pretty fun experience.

If you're interested in learning a little bit more about any of the above-mentioned changes, you should hop on over to the official website. Enjoy, and here's to hoping Marvel’s Avengers will manage to bounce back from this little setback.