Crusader Kings 3 artwork for the coronation scene

[Update]: The price increase has now arrived, and I can only hope the DLC quality will rise with it as well.

If any of the two smaller Crusader Kings 3 DLCs interest you (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia), you might want to grab them sooner rather than later. I say this because Paradox has just announced that these Flavor Packs, and any coming in the future, will be going up from $6,99 to $12,99.

"As of September 13, we will be altering the prices of our Flavor Packs (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) to reflect the overall value of this kind of content moving forward," explains the brief update. "The price change will not affect the price of the Base Game, Royal Court, or the Royal Edition—those prices will remain unaffected. If you are already a holder of the Royal Edition or Expansion Pack 1, you are all set and nothing will change for you and your versions of the game."

Considering how small the DLCs are, especially when you compare them to stuff you can get in similar games like Total War: Warhammer 3, I really don't feel like the doubled price is warranted. I mean, even with the current price tag it's often difficult to recommend people Paradox games due to the sheer amount of 'necessary' DLC, and this is only going to make the problem worse. So yeah, consider me highly disappointed, especially with the whole thing applying to DLCs that were already released.

Whether your share my viewpoint or not, you can offer Paradox your thoughts as well as learn more about the whole announcement, over at the official forums.